Why You Should Buy Gold

The opportunity to buy gold is growing. A steady ground swell has built up among the public over the past few years to buy this precious metal in numerous forms. Additionally, many companies have sprung up at the same time to help people reach their goals with gold and other precious metals. As people are drawn to gold assets, they have questions that should be answered so that they can make informed decisions as they make purchases.

GoldWhat Is Gold?

Gold is a precious metal. There are several precious metals and they are all distinguished from other metals by their malleability, their resistance to corrosion and their electro-conductivity.

Gold has always stood out from the other precious metals due to its luster and its usefulness. Today, it is included in a wide variety of technological devices, especially mobile phones and laptop computers.

Why Buy Gold?

A lot of people avoid buying gold and other precious metals because they associate them with jewelry. They do not understand why these metals are valuable. They fear that their apparent price tags are just based on emotion and not on real support for their values.

However, they do not understand the good reasons that support gold’s value. This metal keeps pace with inflation and acts as the best hedge against the weakening of currency. Also, gold is in demand for various purposes, such as the most vital connections in mobile devices.

How to Buy Gold

Many people make the mistake of buying gold after they see ads on television or on the Internet. These objects for sale often represent themselves as coins but they are not technically coins. They are not issued as legal tender by a government and they do not contain bullion quality gold. Instead, they are often alloyed to a great degree with base metals and do not possess the same value as real bullion coins.

If you want to buy gold that will have a guaranteed value and high liquidity, you should restrict your purchases of coins and bars to those issued by national mints and manufactured by reputable companies from around the world. These products will contain at least a .999 fineness or purity of gold in them. They will also be easily sold when it becomes necessary or desirable to liquidate them.

American Gold EagleExamples include the gold coins that Canada and the United States produce annually. The US Mint makes American Gold Eagle coins in sizes ranging from one-tenth of an ounce to a full ounce. These coins are alloyed with small amounts of copper and silver to make them more durable than other coins and less likely to be marred. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is a purer coin with a much higher fineness rating.

If you are interested in bars of gold, you do not have to buy huge bars that are very expensive and difficult to liquidate. Instead, you can purchase bars that are as small as one ounce. They are less expensive than coins of the same size because they are not adorned with designs. However, they retain their spot value more easily due to this factor.

Where to Buy Gold

It is difficult for the average investor looking to invest in gold to get gold products directly from their sources. For example, the US government sells very large lots of the American Gold Eagle coin. The cost is prohibitive for all but institutional buyers. However, there are many companies that sell these items and others in single units to any interested buyer.

Among the best companies involved in this business is Regal Assets. This company maintains a website that is easy to navigate. You can open an account with them in as little as 24 hours. They believe in putting gold in the hands of their customers as fast as possible.

Once you have an account up and running with Regal Assets, you can begin to buy gold in a matter of days. They specialize in retirement accounts, particularly precious metals IRAs.

The time to buy gold is always now. This asset is a good buy for any portfolio at any time. However, the present economic situation is virtually unique. All the best-known names in investment are expanding the size of their holdings in gold. Smart investors know that gold serves as an excellent hedge against inflation and is the best protection for the remainder of their portfolios and their wealth in general.